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How to Hang Pictures

Hanging pictures or art on the wall doesn’t have to be difficult! Picture walls are one of those decorating tasks that create more anxiety hoping you don’t mess it up – but when done correctly, it adds up to your home’s character, creating an accent wall with your family’s own memorabilia.

Here are some tips and tricks that will save you time and stress:
  1. Start by collating all the photos/accessories/frames you want to use on your gallery wall.
  2. Make sure that the wall is clean or clear of any obstruction – others even use a fresh coat of paint to give them a better background for their gallery wall. If by any chance you have pre-installed items on the wall, select a template that can help you either hide them in the gallery or make them as an accessory.  
  3. Use a level to make sure your pictures are hanging evenly.
    1. First, measure the space of the wall where you want your gallery. Measure a space out on the floor, using painters tape to mark the perimeters.
  4. Before hanging a group of pictures on the wall, make a template of the frame layout and label it.
    1. First place the larger or featured items down first.
    2. After setting the spacing for your featured items, lay out all the frames in different configurations, using some frames in landscape (horizontal) or profile (vertical) or until you have what you’re happy with.
    3. Leave them there, or take a photo so you can duplicate the look onto your wall.
  5. If you’re completely overwhelmed, try this app. It helps you organize a layout for your gallery.
  6. You can also look at sample gallery wall from Pinterest or any home design sites or app you may find on the internet.
Now it’s time to hang your pictures!
Using the template you’ve selected – it’s now time to place your masterpieces in the wall (or so to speak).

Here are the materials you would need:  
  1. Starting off with your featured frames, hold it where you want it and mark a faint line on the upper top corners using your pencil.
  2. Using painters tape, place tape across the back of the frame where the hanger is and measure to establish the center. Place a mark with your marker on the tape in the center. Also measure how far the tape (where the hanger is) is from the top.
  3. Once done, place the tape on the wall right below the pencil mark. If the hanger is 1 inch below the top of the frame, then place the tape 1 inch below the pencil marks.
  4. Using your nail and hammer, start placing your nails on the marked sections. If possible, the nails should be on a 45 degree angle to ensure the frame won’t easily fall.
  5. Hang your frame.
  6. As an additional tip – you can also place a small amount of mounting putty – or tape at the back of the frames to keep them in place – if ever you have the gallery wall on a very busy area on your house.

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