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The Fraser Institute School Rankings
The Data presented could be misleading...

The Fraser Institute may be a good starting point when researching schools in your preferred
neighbourhood but it is based on EQAO scores and no other students achievement results are
included in the report. So, know it shouldn't be your only research source.

Did you know?

The Fraser Institute website will definitely help you review statistics and test scores for schools but the
data presented could be misleading to the overall diversity or specialization of each school. Scores
represented are a combined total of the results of ALL students in the school. The scores include
mainstream learners, advanced students, students with learning challenges, delayed learners, and or
other disabilities. The results also include students who are unable to write tests, i.e. a student with a
severe Learning Disability will receive a grade of 0% and will still be included in the results. The
results of test scores (such as EQAO) are presented as a total grade (%) of the whole school
population but do not represent the needs of individual students.

For example, EQAO scores may show a school as having low scores in Mathematics. This would lead
you to believe the school does not have a suitable mathematical department, however, this may not
be the case. Upon further research, you may find this school has a higher than average number of
students with learning challenges and received low scores or multiple 0% scores included in the
school's overall rating. You could discover the same school has an excellent remedial program to deal
with such math deficiencies. Further more, this school could also include advanced science and
language programs that you were unaware of if you only rely on School Ratings as a whole.

It is a good idea to use the Fraser Institute information as only one piece of the puzzle. Each school
has unique challenges but has a wide variety of programs and resources to accommodate students.

The Fraser Institute

Other great resources that may have more information are:

-Your local real estate representative, Megan Scott
-Other parents in the neighbourhood
-Individual school websites
-Individual School Board websites
-Local School Trustees, school secretaries and principals

I hope this article was helpful in explaining how the ratings work. If you have any real estate questions
that I could answer for you, please feel free to contact me through www.meganscott.ca.

Article written by Megan Scott, Real Estate Sales Representative