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By: Megan Scott

Simplifying Your Home Life

Tags: Simplifying Your Home Life

Let’s face it. Life can get complicated, complex and stressful very easily. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to simplify your life, especially at home. Here are some tips from the experts: Don’t be ruled by the TV guide. Instead, select the shows you want to watch and record them. That way, you can watch what you want at the times that are most convenient for you. Prepare some meal...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Interested to know what your home worth today?

Tags: Interested to know what your home worth today?

What's Your Home's Current Value? ? Your home is likely the most significant investment that you've made. It's important to stay in the know on its value and on our local market at large, whether you're planning on selling soon or staying put a few more years. Don't you want to know how your asset has appreciated – and how it stacks up to other comparable homes? ...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Gen Xers Driving Multi-Generational Housing Trend

Tags: Gen Xers Driving Multi-Generational Housing Trend

This Is Us. Jane the Virgin. Black-ish. What do they have in common? They are all family television programs that have members of multiple generations living under one roof. But the reality of multi-generational living is more than sitcom fodder.  According to the 2019 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), mul...Read More

By: Megan Scott

The Case for Letting Your Garden Run Wild

Tags: The Case for Letting Your Garden Run Wild

  A beautiful new book investigates the rise in green spaces that forgo formality. For centuries, gardens have been meticulously planned and immaculately manicured—think of the great English and French traditions, for instance. But of late, they are taking on a much less formal style, with gardeners using native plants and a looser plan to seamlessly blend their spaces with nature. In...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Flexible Dumpsters for Home Renos

Tags: Flexible Dumpsters for Home Renos

New synthetic fabric dumpsters offer a flexible method of holding and disposing of renovation waste - without the need to order a large and unsightly metal bin that sits on your front lawn or driveway for weeks on end. The industry calls them FIBC’s, or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, but they’re more commonly known as big bags, bulk bags, bagsters and super sacks. These durabl...Read More

By: Megan Scott

How To Make Your Home Sale “Smooth Sailing”

Tags: How To Make Your Home Sale “Smooth Sailing”

If you’ve ever been on a cruise ship, you know that rough waters can result in a miserable experience. Even on modern ships equipped with stabilizers, choppy seas and bad weather can leave you stuck below deck - and possibly sea sick! In fact, the expression “smooth sailing” comes from a desire for calm waters. When you sell your property, you’ll want smooth sailing too! Y...Read More

By: Megan Scott

GTA REALTORS® Release May 2019 Stats

Tags: GTA REALTORS® Release May 2019 Stats

Toronto Real Estate Board President Garry Bhaura announced that Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 9,989 transactions through TREB's MLS® System in May 2019.* While this result represented a substantial increase of 18.9 per cent over the 15-year low in May 2018, it should be noted that the result was still below the average for month of May sales for the previous ten years, which ...Read More

By: Megan Scott

4 Steps to Prepare for Homeownership

Tags: 4 Steps to Prepare for Homeownership

Buying a home is a big undertaking. From finding the right property and negotiating to sorting out the legal details and moving in, there are dozens of important steps along the way. And for many first-time buyers, it can seem overwhelming.  Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier, even if you’re still in the planning phase. If you know buying a home i...Read More

By: Megan Scott

My Loan Was Sold. What Gives?

Tags: My Loan Was Sold. What Gives?

You've just moved in to your new home. You've unpacked, and you're starting to settle in when you receive a letter informing you that your mortgage has been sold and is being serviced by a new institution. Is this allowed? Have the terms of your mortgage changed? Why would your lender sell your mortgage? ? Among the many documents you signed when you first applied for a loan was a Mo...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Pack Your Memories Away

Tags: Pack Your Memories Away

Items that remind us of special people, events, milestones and interests are an important part of what makes a house a home. Pictures on the fireplace mantle, for example, showcase family and friends that are important to us. You might also have trophies, certificates, greeting cards, and other mementos on display in key places. Of course, all of those things add warmth and meaning to your home. H...Read More