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By: Megan Scott

Home Selling Tips Bringing Fitness Home

Tags: Bringing Fitness Home

Are you thinking about purchasing home fitness equipment? Owning your own treadmill, exercise bike, or rowing machine can save you a lot of time and money compared to joining a fitness club. However, selecting the right equipment can be a challenge. Here are some tips: Try it first. Ask your home fitness equipment dealer to let you do a few minutes of exercise on the machine you’re consid...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Making Your Kitchen More Attractive to Buyers

Tags: Making Your Kitchen More Attractive to Buyers

?What’s one of the most important rooms in your home? When it comes to selling your property quickly, and for the best price, the answer is clearly the kitchen. In fact, one of the most common explanations buyers often give for not making an offer is, “I liked the house, but I wasn’t too keen on the kitchen.” That doesn’t mean you must do a major renovation. However, ...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Modernizing Your Home Security

Tags: Modernizing Your Home Security

As technology evolves and becomes more affordable, homeowners should consider replacing their older equipment with a completely new security system, rather than patching together outdated units that provide specific functions in isolation. A modern system will wake you up in the morning to your own personalized display screen, adjust your room temperature, turn on your lights and operate other hou...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Review your home insurance

Tags: Review your home insurance

I just wanted to quickly touch base to remind you to review your home insurance policy (if you haven't done so already.)   Experts recommend that you do so once a year but, frankly, most people don't.  That's a mistake.  If you don't review your policy regularly, you might find that your coverage is inadequate when you need to make a claim. And, of course, th...Read More

By: Megan Scott

A Bird’s Eye View of Selling Your Home

Tags: A Bird’s Eye View of Selling Your Home

If you haven’t sold a home before, the process can seem complex and even intimidating. It really isn’t. In fact, the steps to selling your property - quickly and for the best price - are straightforward, although not necessarily easy. Here’s a bird’s-eye view of the steps to expect: Determine what your property will likely sell for on today’s market. This is referr...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Ways to Make the Home Hunting Process Easier

Tags: Ways to Make the Home Hunting Process Easier

Shopping for a new home can be daunting. Just imagine all the things to do and think about, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be that way and that’s why I’m here! Here are some good tips for making the home hunting process a lot easier and much less stressful.   1. Get your mortgage settled in advance. You don’t want to find the ideal home on...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Low-Cost Storage Hacks for Creating More Space

Tags: Low-Cost Storage Hacks for Creating More Space

Comedian George Carlin’s most memorable routine was, “A place for my stuff.” In it, he talked about dealing with the increasing quantity of items we accumulate throughout life. George was funny. The problem is not. Here are some low-cost ideas for quickly creating storage space for your stuff. Attach a cloth pouch or thin plastic basket to the inside of cupboard doors. This is...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Making “Neighbourhood Targeting” Work for You

Tags: Making “Neighbourhood Targeting” Work for You

Imagine if you dreamed of owning a special limited-edition vehicle. What would you do to ensure that your dream vehicle would someday be parked in your driveway - with your name on the ownership papers? You would probably start by doing some research. You’d find out how much that vehicle would cost, what features are available, and so forth. You would likely visit a local dealership and take...Read More

By: Megan Scott

2019's Hottest Home Decor

Tags: 2019's Hottest Home Decor

Comfort is trending for 2019, a consensus of home decorators agree, with more people seeking warm colors, intimate spaces and a casual but sophisticated lifestyle. Designers looking to pair physical coziness with emotional comfort forecast seven decor trends: Scaled down furnishings - After years of favoring large furniture and open spaces, consumers are aiming for a ‘nesting’ enviro...Read More

By: Megan Scott

Should You Move or Renovate?

Tags: Should You Move or Renovate?

Determining whether you should buy a new home or fix up your current one isn’t easy. In fact, the decision can be steeped in so much drama, they make reality TV shows about it! So, if you’re wondering whether to move or improve, here are three things to consider: 1. Will a renovation truly fix what you don’t like about your property? If you’re tired of a small kitchen, fo...Read More