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By: Megan Scott

Have you checked out the neighbourhood?

Tags: Home Buying Tips:" Have you checked out the neighbourhood?

You wouldn’t pick out shoes before choosing an outfit, right? Or buy car accessories without first deciding if you want a truck or a sedan?
Well, looking for the perfect home should be treated the same way.
You shouldn’t search for a dream home without screening neighbourhoods or experiencing the new area for yourself.
If the area doesn’t meet your prerequisites, the property may not provide a dream scenario. So how do you make sure you’ve found the right neighbourhood? Keep these details in mind:
Cost of Living
Are the property taxes and HOA fees trending upward? Are there mostly trendy boutiques and high-end businesses in the area, or does it have a good mix of local and national retailers?
Planned commercial development could affect the long-term affordability of the area. However, having more access to retailers and entertainment could enhance your lifestyle.
Travels and Community Activities
How close do you want to be to the friends and family you visit the most? How far are you willing to drive to get to the restaurants, theatres or stores that you frequent?
It’s understandable to prioritize your work commute, but keep in mind the other places you visit on a daily or weekly basis.
Lasting Objectives
How does the community fit into your future goals? Are there good schools, parks or sports leagues for your family?
A blossoming community adds to your quality of life. And it’s a good sign for future home values.
Want to try before you buy? Where possible, consider renting a unit in the area for a few days through a short-term rental site. Experiencing the neighbourhood like a resident can help you to decide if it fits your current and future needs.
Are you looking for a new home? Get in touch if you’d like to see a neighbourhood report.

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